Facebook reunites two families separated by partition | Pakistan

LAHORE: The partition of the sub-continent gave the people of the region two independent nations but also resulted in the loss of contact between many families for decades.   

Luckily for one such family, they were able to reunite with their loved ones after a period of 70 years.

Sialkot’s Sajida Bibi and Rafaqat Bibi finally met their relatives across the border – thanks to social media. 

During the riots of 1947, a young man named Sundar Singh decided to stay in the newly-created state of Pakistan and not migrate to India, unlike his kin.

Converting to Islam and changing his name to Deen Mohammad, he kept trying to establish contact with his family which had shifted to India.

His search continued till he breathed his last in 1970. After his death, his daughters continued his quest to track his family, acting upon their father’s last wishes.  

His two daughters, fortunately, were able to identify and establish contact with their relatives in India through Facebook.

The reunion, after 70 years, fulfilled Deen Mohammad’s life-long wish.   

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