Abu Dhabi witnesses almost 60 percent drop in fatal truck accidents: police | World

Trucks are seen at the Abu Samra border crossing with Saudi Arabia, in Qatar, June 12, 2017. REUTERS/Tom Finn/Files

ABU DHABI: The number of fatal truck accidents in Abu Dhabi has dropped 58 percent — from 31 to 13 — during the first eight months of 2017 against last year’s comparable period, the Abu Dhabi Police said in its latest press release.

In addition, other related statistics have also improved, as the number of people suffering severe injuries dipped from 16 to six (63 percent) in the same timeframe, whereas the total number of accidents fell from 118 to 54 (50 percent).

Colonel Salim Abdullah Al-Daheri — the director of Traffic Department at the Traffic and Patrols Directorate — said the numbers were a testimony to Abu Dhabi Police’s positive results in terms of traffic safety.

The top official highlighted the police’s efforts to help boost traffic safety through fewer accidents involving trucks and other heavy vehicles.

Several measures to enhance road safety, Al-Daheri explained, are in place — for example, frequent road patrols, installation of radars, campaigns to raise public awareness, halting traffic during fog and other low-visibility instances.

The official called for heavy vehicle drivers to comply with traffic rules, which include observing the speed limit, refraining from overtaking, getting tyres inspected regularly, and maintaining an adequate distance between the vehicle(s) ahead.

Al-Daheri urged the owners and drivers to make sure shipments and other equipment are loaded into the trucks in a proper, safety-guaranteed fashion to prevent any mishaps on the road that may cause accidents.

Al-Daheri also warned that overloading might cause a vehicle’s tyre(s) to burst.

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