Conflict among institutes would harm country: Khawaja Asif | Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: If there is conflict among institutes it would harm the country on the whole not any individual, said Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif on Monday.

On Geo News show Capital Talk, Asif spoke on the uncertainty between the interior ministry and Rangers over the latter’s deployment at the accountability court in Islamabad earlier in the day. The foreign minister said Federal Minister for Interior Affairs Ahsan Iqbal’s reaction to being barred from entering the accountability court was justified. Asif added when an institute under a minister operates independently, the minister incharge would find it wrong, just like Iqbal did.

“However, enquiry was under way to ascertain to clear the matter,” the foreign minister said, adding he believed the issue was caused due to mismanagement.

When asked if it was right for the interior minister to threaten the authorities concern of his resignation, Asif said whoever was incharge at the accountability court should have been careful of Iqbal’s position.

Civil military leadership on same page: Asif

The foreign minister was also asked about his recent tweet on fake accounts attempting to create rifts between the government and armed forces, and the statement Asif made during his recent visit to the United States regarding terrorist elements being present in Pakistan.

During his recent visit to the US, Asif had said Pakistan should not be blamed for the “Afghanis and Hafiz Saeeds and these were the people dear to you [the West]”. He had also said that it was easy to say Pakistan was providing haven to the terrorist elements, but these were the country’s liabilities to counter which there was a lack of assets.

However, on the other hand, Asif said during the show that the army was fighting terrorism in the country. He added that nowhere in the world was a force of 200,000 fighting terrorism. “In the past four years each operation of the army has succeeded.” 

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