Elected representatives shouldn’t resign in protest: Maryam Nawaz | Pakistan

Elected representatives should not resign in protest, tweeted the daughter of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif Maryam Nawaz on Monday.

Maryam seemingly made the tweet after Federal Minister for Interior Affairs Ahsan Iqbal reacted to the deployment of Rangers without his permission.

Iqbal, following the incident in which he was barred from entering the accountability court. said he would resign rather than be a ‘puppet minister’.

On Monday, Iqbal was stopped by Rangers personnel from entering the accountability court where Nawaz’s hearing was underway. In a subsequent address to the media, the interior minister said Rangers are subordinate to his ministry.

“They’re supposed to work under the command of the civil administration. If Rangers have refused to observe orders, a high-level inquiry will be held and we will see who has challenged the writ of the government,” he said. “A force that is subordinate to me has to follow my orders. There cannot be two states [within a state].”

Earlier, Iqbal explained that it is the right of Nawaz’s supporters, legal aides and media to attend the hearing as “closed trials are a hallmark of martial laws”.

He said the commissioner had made special arrangements for those who wanted to attend the hearing as space is limited.

Iqbal, who is the head of paramilitary forces, including Rangers, was accompanied by State Interior Minister Talal Chaudhry and others. 

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