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LONDON: Leader of All Pakistan Muslim League (APML), Pervez Musharraf, has appointed a veteran activist of his party from Britain to conduct intra-party elections ahead of general elections in Pakistan next year.

Businessman and activist Ifzaal Siddiqui, who is based in London, has been tasked to ensure that new bodies are elected in overseas countries with sizeable Pakistani communities, including UK, Saudi Arabia, America, Canada, and the UAE.

Musharraf has dissolved current bodies of his party overseas and appointed a new team to conduct elections to pick new office bearers for overseas units of his APML.

According to a notification issued by the party’s central office in Islamabad, three permanent members have been appointed to conduct elections for the new tier of leadership. These members include Ifzaal Siddiqui, Dr Mohammad Amjad, and Mansoor Moeen.

As part of the process, the three permanent members are currently in Canada where the new body has been elected.

The Secretary General of the party and former federal minister in Pakistan, Dr Amjad, is responsible for numerous activities including supervising the election process in Pakistan and overseas.

Ifzaal Siddiqui, who has been with Pervez Musharraf since the party’s inception in the UK and has served in many positions in the party, explained that Musharraf decided to formulate a new overseas party structure to make its activities more democratic and transparent. He said that Dr Amjad has been working tirelessly to ensure the success of the party in the upcoming elections.

He revealed that in Canada, new bodies have been elected after the members took part in the voting process. “The elections were held in line with the democratic traditions of the party that Pervez Musharraf has taught us, based on his own practical support for democracy when he was in office for around 10 years.”

Ifzaal Siddiqui said that APML has huge support amongst overseas Pakistanis and is the reason why so many have been supporting Musharraf in public rallies that he has held in many cities of Europe and North America.

He said that the office holders of APML in previous terms performed exceptionally well and did their best for Pakistan, standing by Musharraf when he faced tribulation.

He also paid tribute to the office bearers of previous terms and said their services will be remembered and Musharraf owed them a great deal of gratitude.

Ifzaal Siddiqui said that Pakistan needs sincere leadership which can take Pakistan to its glories. He said that under Musharraf, Pakistan earned a good name and its opinion was respected in the world but that was not the case anymore. He said Pakistan was facing challenges today and only Pervez Musharraf has the vision to take the country forward.

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