Member of Ansar-ul-Sharia was in contact with other terror group | Pakistan

The head of the Ansar-ul-Sharia Pakistan (ASP) was in contact with the members of a proscribed group involved in a major terrorist attack in the country, confirmed a security official on Wednesday.

The official who is not authorised to speak to the media claimed that the attack was carried out in Karachi during 2014.

Three militants were struck down, and later a number of their associates were apprehended by the law enforcement authorities.

The security quarters came to know about the close proximity between ASP and other banned outfits after a forensic examination of Dr Abdullah Hashmi’s laptop – the head of the ASP.

Law enforcement agencies are now re-investigating the Karachi attack.

“During investigation it was unearthed that the death squad which attacked police officials in Karachi comprised of four members including Danish Rasheed, Sarosh Siddiqui, Muzammil Ali Junaidi and Hassan Nazeer”, revealed an officer on the condition of anonymity who is part of the ongoing investigation of ASP.

“Two of them were assigned to shoot, one was tasked for making video of the attack and the last one was responsible for providing backup to rest of them”.

The source has also claimed that the real name of Dr Abdullah Hashmi is Sheharyaruddin Warsi; he was responsible for the selection of the target but he never participated in any assault.

Official claimed that as members of Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) Sarosh Siddiqui, Sheharyaruddin Warsi, Muzammil Ali Junaidi and Osama went to Afghanistan in 2015 and received militant training at Baramcha area but joined Al-Qaeda there.

Sarosh received serious injuries after his return to Karachi, as reportedly the close-knit group members had a clash with JeM activists in Orangi Town area of District West.

Meanwhile, forensic examination of the laptops recovered from the house of Sarosh Siddiqui suggests that he developed a software (A.M) to change IP addresses and tempering IMEI – International Mobile Equipment Identity.

Officials believe that the upper portion of the house of Sarosh Siddiqui was the Headquarter of ASP.

A security official present at the location when the house of Dr Abdullah Hashmi was raided disclosed, “He (Dr. Abdullah Hashmi) didn’t resist at all and was ready to cooperate after getting an assurance that he will be not be killed”.

An officer whose team participated in the raid at Sarosh Siddiqui’s house told The News, “His (Sarosh Siddiqui) father lied to security officials and said he is not present at the house, gone to offer prayer in a nearby mosque but when policemen moved to the upper portion of the house for the searching,

Siddiqui opened fire with his two pistols where a policeman was martyred and another sustained injuries.

A member of a security force also received bullet wounds. Siddiqui also attacked a bullet proof vehicle of the force and took away an AK-47 rifle.

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