Woman kills son reportedly over ‘faith healer’s’ suggestion in Sheikhupura | Pakistan

LAHORE: A woman in Sheikhupura killed her son reportedly over a fake faith healer’s suggestion.

According to the police, the woman, a resident of Ferozewala, thrashed to death her 22-year-old son Zeeshan after the faith healer told her to do so if she wanted “to stay alive”.

The accused was later arrested. Initially, police said, the woman told them thieves killed Zeeshan after looting him. 

She then said supernatural beings killed her son, police added. 

However, she eventually confessed to the crime, telling the police she killed her son as a faith healer had asked her to do so.

Although the woman was arrested, the fake faith healer, Naveed, remained at large till this report was filed.

Fatal actions and self-harm over guidance from fake faith healers is a common occurrence across Punjab where multiple such incidents have taken place.

In February, a woman was killed during ‘exorcism’ by two fake faith healers, whom she was taken to by her husband.

Soraiya Begum, a resident of Sajjadabad in Dera Ghazi Khan had begun talking to herself. Her husband did not suspect her condition to be psychological and instead suspected his wife to have been possessed by Djinns. To drive the ‘evil’ out he took her to two ‘faith healers’ who beat her, burned her and killed her.

In May of 2016, a man in Chiniot slit his throat over advice from a self-claimed ‘spiritual healer’.  

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