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Imran Khan’s former wife has a savage sense of humour and Twitter is loving it. 

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan turned 65 on October 5.

While many fans of the former cricketer are finding it hard to believe Imran has moved into his late sixties, his former wife Jemima Goldsmith has done something even more unbelievable!

Jemima’s response to a twitter birthday wish by her younger brother, Ben Goldsmith, who wishes for Khan to become the next Prime Minister of Pakistan, has taken Twitter by storm.

Responding to the wish, Jemima wrote the oft-repeated “yahoodi saazish” remark.

Yes, Jemima’s got a savage sense of humour! She meant that a wish to see Imran as the country’s prime minister is a Zionist conspiracy, according to Khan’s critics.

Insafians had a field day, with many being quick to endorse her ‘understanding’ of Pakistan’s local political arena.

Some, as usual, didn’t really get the joke.

But one Twitter user summed up how fans feel about Jemima.

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