Ex-ISI chief Lt-Gen Akhtar requests early retirement over ‘personal reasons’ | Pakistan

RAWALPINDI: Lieutenant-General Rizwan Akhtar in a sudden move Saturday announced that he has requested premature retirement from the Pakistan Army, sources revealed.

Lt-Gen Akhtar made the request “due to some pressing personal reasons”, the sources added. However, he still has a year left until official retirement.

“With a heavy heart, I have filed for the premature retirement with full confidence,” the key Army official — who has served for nearly a 35-year-long period — said, according to the sources.

He added, “I’m thankful to all my seniors and the staff of the Pakistan Army. [Nevertheless], I will be available if the Army ever needs me in the future.”

The sources further mentioned that Lt-Gen Akhtar is set to be released from duty tomorrow in accordance with his request.

Having served as the director-general of both the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Sindh Rangers, Lt-Gen Akhtar currently holds the position of President of the National Defence University (NDU) in Islamabad.

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