Yay or nay: Would you try these 10 types of samosas this Ramazan | Pakistan

Samosa is undoubtedly the king of the Iftar menu. It is also one of the all-time favourite street-foods that has allowed people to indulge in gluttonous pleasures for decades.

We think it is high time that the regular aloo and qeema stuffings are replaced with different variations to bring new flavours to your taste buds. 

Here are a few variations you should try this Ramazan. 

Cholay samosa

Cholay are delicious in any form but they are delicious with the combination of the king of Iftar table — the might samosa. Not only are cholay samosas filling, they are also a good change from the routine menu items during Ramazan.

Chowmein Samosa

Amusing concept isn’t it? But the Chow Mien lovers and naysayers won’t mind it when this weird samosa makes it way to their plate. We assure you it’s delicious. The filling can be any kind of Chow Mien, the Hakka noodles or any off-the-shelf noodles you like.

Pasta Samosa

Pasta samosa can be made with left over pasta with the sauce of your choice. The recipe is an instant hit for Iftar parties. Just keep in mind to get the pasta to dry out.

Cheese Samosa

Cheese mixed with fresh rosemary and coriander will make a yummy filling for the samosa. We assure you this part quesadilla-part samosa can make anyone salivate.

Chocolate Samosa

This samosa can take chocolate lovers to experience a joy like never before because you can never go wrong with chocolate chips or a dash of Nutella as the filling.

Khoya Samosa

While savory samosas occupy the most space in the shops and our stomachs, sweet samosas should be given a chance to be in the spotlight and for all the right reasons.

Some khoya or dried whole milk and nuts as the filling will make an irresistible menu item this Iftar. After frying it, dip it in sugar syrup and there you go.

Fried Rice Samosa

Leftover rice from last night as filling for samosas will give you the much-needed variation in your menu.

Matar Soya bean Samosa

We’ve got you covered if you are vegetarian. Green peas with soya bean makes a delicious filling for samosas. This one is a must-have for all the foodies out there.

Pastry Samosa

As unusual as it may sound, this variation is quite practical. Chocolate pastry stuffed as filling with extra cream will make a usual samosa into something unusual! All those with a sweet-tooth are bound to love pastry samosas.

Jam Samosa

Jam samosas are a delight and worth every bit of hard work put into making them. The sweet jam wrapped inside deep fried samosa is a yum alert! 

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